Free Poet’s Press is a small publishing company started in 2009 by Chaun Webster with the intent of empowering Black and Brown artists to control their own images.  FPP began with publishing poetry and has since expanded while keeping consistent with a commitment to radical politics.  Finding its roots in the Black Radical Tradition, Free Poet’s Press has looked to the Black Arts Movement and presses from that era, notably Broadside Press and Third World Press, as a foundation.

AT Free Poet’s Press we believe that historically oppressed groups will not be able to get IN FORMATION without the right INFORMATION.  In our current economic and political climate where we have 5 conglomerates controlling 80% of the publishing there is little room for the voice of artists of color and certainly not voices that are passionate about deconstructing that reality.  This is why FPP focuses on artists of color and distribution methods that serve communities of color

Our poetry then is not just an aesthetic object to wonder at but a functional weapon stoking the political imagination.  A profound and necessary tool in building the kind of vocabulary strong enough to not only deconstruct Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy, but to rebuild our world.

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